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WE 'Chern' You to Immerse Yourself in ThaiCulture

‘Chern’ is Thai for ‘invite’. Yes, we obviously want to invite you to stay at our hostel. But there’s more to it than that. From the beginning, we would like to offer you a memorable stay with us as part of your trip. At our hostel, we will provide you with ample opportunity to learn about our rich cultural heritage. That’s right, we want to ‘chern’ you to come and learn about our Thai culture at CHERN HOSTEL.

Thai Proverbs


One of the most interesting ways to learn about a culture is through idioms and proverbs. That’s why you will find them along the walls, next to bunk beds, and other unexpected places in this hostel. From these phrases, you may come to learn how Buddhism plays a big part in the Thai society or how often animals are referenced. Years ahead, you may forget the elephants you saw; but you will definitely remember the elephants in the idiom.

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17 Soi Ratchasak, Bamrung Muang Road,

Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

10200 Thailand

T: +66 (0) 2 621 1133 M : +66 (0) 8 9168 0212

E : info@chernbangkok.com


Rattanakosin Area

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Phra  Kaew

Rattanakosin Area

CHERN is situated in Sao Ching Cha area, which is a more preserved and peaceful area than the fast-pacing metropolitan side of Bangkok.

Having said that, CHERN is easy to get to. It's only fifteen minutes from the skytrain network. Food lovers – either those enjoying epicurean establishments or roadside hashery, can wander around blindfolded and still find oneself a pretty good meal. It is about ten minutes to several tourist attractions such as the Wat Phrakaew Temple, Khao Sarn Road, so you are close enough to the cheering crowd but still enjoy enough distance from it to get yourself a good sleep.

In other words, CHERN is sort of at the heart of Bangkok. Now, in many cases, statements like this are usually a spiced up version of reality. This time, however, it sort of rings true. Time-warping yourself back about 200 years ago if you could, roughly around the time the Founding Fathers were working on that historical Declaration of Independence, you would find yourself in a very, very early version of Siam. Back then, Bangkok was a pretty young city starting to grow outward, with the Royal Palace at the absolute centre. The area where you may find CHERN in present day was then pretty much an alive marketplace brimming with jaunty shoppers and passers-by.